State of the Tropics 2014

October 2013 - Juli 2014
James Cook University

Is life in the Tropics getting better? – The State of the Tropics 2014 Report addresses this nominally simple question. It provides the first in-depth, objective assessment of the Tropics as an environmental and geopolitical entity in its own right. Drawing on the knowledge, experience and diverse backgrounds of leading institutions across the Tropics the report assesses the state of the region and examines the implications of the immense changes the region is experiencing. The assessment demonstrates that nations in the Tropics have made extraordinary progress across a wide range of environmental, social and economic indicators in recent decades. Rapid population and economic growth mean its influence is set to rise dramatically in coming decades.

The nature of this influence will depend on how the region addresses its many challenges, and whether it realises its potential and opportunities. A defining feature of the Tropics is its extraordinary biological, cultural and socio-political diversity, yet its people are connected by an ability to survive and thrive in this diverse and dynamic region. State of the Tropics explores this diversity and the inextricable link between natural systems and human health, well-being and prosperity. It provides a basis from which to work towards a prosperous, sustainable and equitable future for the Tropics and will be a valuable resource for policy makers, geopolitical analysts, researchers, students.

We developed a clean minimalistic design-concept that features a 4 colour system to highlight and guide through each of the 4 main sections of the report. A unique format of 230mm x 270mm gives the report the due importance and commands attention by not falling back to a known DIN format.



`Publishing the State of the Tropics 2014 report was a huge undertaking and would not have been possible without Leo’s hard work. Throughout the project, Leo was flexible, efficient and communicated well, resulting in a high quality and, quite frankly, beautiful report.’

Ann Penny
Project Manager – State of the Tropics Office of the Vice Chancellor and President James Cook University

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