Acoustic Roo

Melissa Sprague

Logo and Corporate Identity design for Acoustic Roo, the authorised dealer of the SleepPhone and RunPhone head set systems in Australia. Based in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Acoustic Roo has the ability to ship SleepPhone and RunPhone headphone systems anywhere in Australia. Incredibly innovative, the SleepPhone and RunPhone headphone systems are designed by a medical professional to provide wearers with a comfortable, no-fuss way to listen to music whilst sleeping or exercising.

Conventional ‘bud’ headsets can be uncomfortable and impractical as they can easily fall out. The SleepPhone and RunPhone headphones are different. Cleverly incorporated into a stylish, purpose-made head band, the speakers deliver the wearer’s choice of music or relaxation sounds without the discomfort of buds being pressed into the ears. Even the cords are different to conventional headphones. The cords on the SleepPhones and RunPhones are made of braided cord rather than plastic, meaning that they do not tangle or twist as much as conventional headphones.

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